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19 year old junior in college in the US :) Born and raised in Kenya!
Move back to Kenya so we can eat ritoke everyday hahahaha
by Anonymous

hahaha sure! but this you being anonymous thing probably wont help us lol

faced any racism in France or weird guys cat calling you?
by Anonymous

I never personally experienced any racism in France, but if you know anything about French society you know that race relations are a major point of conflict. The whole Christiane Taubira (google it lol) incident happened when i was there and there definitely countless other situations

And yeess!! Well not necessarily cat calling but freaky staring in the metro or attempting to talk was easily avoided. So I mastered the “Parisian bitch face” by the time I left. and the phrase “je ne parle pas francais” with my thickest american accent was always useful lol

so how is it leaving in the states? also what tribe are you?
by Anonymous

I’m Luhya :)

I like living in the states but I miss Kenya so much.  Even though I’ve lived here for a while now, i cant see myself living here permanently. My plan is to move to Europe lol That sounds like a joke but it honestly isnt because I don’t know if i can live in Kenya permanently either. I wanna live in a place where I can have certain aspects of life in the US and also certain aspects of life in Kenya and being in France last year, I feel like I found that. So goals in life: move to France one day! That way im closer to kenya with an 8 hour flight rather than a 20 hour flight lol

Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.
Smile, it irritates those who wish to destroy you.





those text posts where every single comment is pure gold

pure gold

Pure gold

Pure gold

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answering a question wrong in front of the whole class


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